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Installing Rigid Foam On A Foundation

Fastening rigid foam insulation on your home's exposed foundation is a great way to control energy loss and
prevent moisture intrusion.

Rigid foam insulation is sold in sheets (usually 4' by 8') in
1", 1.5" and 2" thicknesses. The 1" variety is the most
popular. You can purchase rigid foam insulation at most
lumber yards and building supply centers.

Rigid foam is safe and non-toxic. It is lightweight and easy
to cut with a utility knife - making it a very user-friendly
product to work with.

The sheets of rigid foam insulation are fastened to
foundation walls using rigid foam adhesive and/or Styro
Tapit Fasteners
which work in a fashion similar to drywall

Chances are, you already have the tools required to
fasten rigid foam insulation to the foundation on your
home. In an effort to make your project move along
smoothly we've compiled step by step installation
instructions and an installation video:

How to install rigid foam insulation on an exposed
foundation Adobe PDF Document - Two Pages

Instructional Video High Speed (Cable, DSL)
Instructional Video Low Speed (Dial-Up)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Rigid Foam Insulation can be cut with a utility knife and fastened to a concrete
foundation using adhesive and/or Styro Tapit Fasteners.
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