Styro Industries Coatings
These high end cementitious and acrylic coatings are proven performers manufactured in the USA using the highest grades of materials available today. Styro Industries coatings are formulated to coat a variety of surfaces including rigid foam insulation, ICF, concrete, and more.

FlexCoat is a pre-mixed, pre-colored, 100% acrylic, ready to use rigid foam foundation insulation and ICF coating. FlexCoat is easy to apply with a brush and is highly flexible with excellent resistance to cracking, peeling or flaking. Coats a variety of surfaces.

Tuff II is a heavy duty pre-mixed, pre-colored, 100% acrylic, ready to use protective and decorative coating for ICF, rigid foam insulation and other surfaces. Tuff II is incredibly strong and durable.

This polymer modified cementitious coating is easily applied with a brush and cures to a durable stucco like texture. It can be textured to look like stucco or smoothed out to look like your foundation wall. Everything you need is right in this handy kit for your convenience.
In a situation where you are applying rigid foam
insulation to the exposed foundation on your home,
these coatings will protect the foam and provide the
final attractive color and texture.


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